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Billy the man on Mars!

In 3B, we have been doing Bob the man on the moon in English. His friends were Sam the man on Saturn and Billy the man on Mars. We made up our own versions of the story with Billy the man on Mars. We folded a large piece of paper to make a book. We illustrated and wrote the books, coloured them in and put written and illustrated by and then our names. I really enjoyed writing my book! 🙂


In year 3, we’ve been practising for our Harvest Festival. We’ve been rehearsing, singing, saying our lines and more. On Monday 10th, we will be performing a special assembly for the school. The next day, we’ll do the same for our parents. Each year group had to bring in a different type of food. The food will be displayed at both of our performances.

Adobe Spark

We are Astronauts!

In year 3 we are learning about space. We did a timeline from V2 to Tim Peake and a front cover with lots of space words. I found out that fruit flies were sent to space with a supply of corn to eat. I also learnt Albert the monkey was sent to space in V2. I have been looking forward to this topic since year 2.