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Puzzle Time

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Today in maths we have been looking at a chess-related puzzle ‘Bishop’s move’. This has really challenged the children to find the least amount of moves needed to move counters from one side to the other using the ‘bishop’ way of moving. There was a lot of frustration but it woke them up!

Cross Country

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Fantastic result for year 5 and 6 boys and girls cross country teams who took part in the race at Lostock high school last week, not only were you a credit to the school- but you won!


Books year 3 and 4 will love!

Are you a Year 3 or 4 pupil? Do you love reading but end up reading the same author again and again? Fear not, the links below are filled with authors similar to those you love.


Click on the link if you love Dork Diaries- if you like Dork-Diaries poster

Click on the link if you love Horrible Histories- if you love Horrible-Histories

Click on the link if you love Roald Dahl – If you love Roald Dahl poster

Happy Reading!

Mr. Reynolds

Ancient Greek pottery throw down!

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Linked to our topic of ancient Greece, the children have been attempting to recreate the intricate designs we have found in our research lessons.   We are going to add paint next week and then they will be coming home! (Don’t worry 3a, you are doing this next week!)

Forces in Year 3!

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In science today, Year 3 have been looking at how different surfaces can change the way objects move across them. We used a medium sized toy car and rolled it down the bridge onto a variety of different surfaces. Smooth paper, the normal wooden floor, and also a wet floor (the children enjoyed water being poured all over the floor!) We even moved to the playground to see how tarmac would change our results! The car was rolled down the bridge 3 times and we took an average of the distance. It was a fantastic afternoon!