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Puzzle Time

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Today in maths we have been looking at a chess-related puzzle ‘Bishop’s move’. This has really challenged the children to find the least amount of moves needed to move counters from one side to the other using the ‘bishop’ way of moving. There was a lot of frustration but it woke them up!

Cross Country

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Fantastic result for year 5 and 6 boys and girls cross country teams who took part in the race at Lostock high school last week, not only were you a credit to the school- but you won!


Writing Aftermath

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In class 3b we have been writing more of our myths. We are getting to the exciting part where a Greek god appears and helps our hero on his quest. Normally we like to keep our tables tidy but we have been in the ‘writing zone’ all morning. This is what it looks like after an intense writing morning! It may look messy, but there is a place for everything!

Stay tuned for more fantastic myth writing news!

A Great Start!

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This is just one amazing beginning to our myths. Beautiful handwriting, fantastic vocabulary, direct speech and a gripping idea! The children have been peer assessing their partners work and have given constructive feedback for our editing lesson tomorrow. Can’t wait!

Keep up the good work 3B